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Aerial Forest


Take your creative video project to new heights. Now flying the Mavic 3 Cine (up to 4K or 5.1K resolution with ProRes 422 HD or h.264/h.265) and the Mavic 2 Pro (up to 4K). State-of-the-art drone video offers a unique perspective not available from either surface or aircraft photography. Whether for creative projects, events, construction progress, real estate, or other applications, Northstar Drone Imagery delivers color corrected HD, UHD, or 5.1K video as either finished productions or individual clips.


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Aerial photographs reveal the world in new and fascinating ways.  Northstar Drone Imagery provides RAW or JPEG images in either single-image or High Dynamic Range (HDR) composite photographs.  Imaging targets can be either individual ground features such as a building or natural area or geographic areas such as a housing development (by routing the drone back and forth over the area and compositing numerous images).

$200 per hour on site

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Bringing our skills down to earth, Northstar Drone Imagery delivers HD or UHD video capture, video/audio editing, and color correction. Whether you need just a few clips or a finished production we can deliver final videos in various formats, as appropriate to social media sites or other applications.


Likewise, we offer edited and color corrected individual or HDR still images using the latest camera and image processing technology.


$200 per hour on site

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Northstar Drone Imagery

Based in Orlando, Florida



Aerial View of Playground

About Northstar
Drone Imagery LLC

Joel Hartman, Northstar Drone Imagery CEO, holds an FAA Part 107 drone Remote Pilot Certificate and a doctorate from the University of Central Florida. Using state-of-the-art cameras, drones, and software, Dr. Hartman will bring his professional video and photographic skills to bear on every project.  Just submit a request or ask for a special quote using the contact form above.

Dr. Hartman, an award-winning IT leader, also provides professional information technology consulting and advisory services to select companies and organizations. 

Aerial Forest
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